Land, settlement and immigration



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Land, settlement and immigration

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Land, settlement and immigration

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Land, settlement and immigration

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The Ice House

Clyde Campbell in the doorway of what appears to be an ice house on the banks of the river.

Rio Grande, Alberta

Panoramic view of Rio Grande showing the church, store, and homes.

Furnishing the New Home

Myrle and Isabel Campbell with horse drawn wagon full of furnishings for the new cabin.

Moving to the Homestead

The Campbell family and friends beside a wagon load of setter's effects during the move to their homestead.

Milking the Cow

Myrle Campbell milking "Betsy the Cow" in the open yard beside the cabin.

Forty Below Zero

Clyde Campbell, dressed for the cold, entering an outbuilding. A full-length saw stands beside the doorway.

Campbell Cabin

Campbell family cabin with wooden downspouts to catch the melting snow water.

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