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Athabasca Archives Photograph collection

  • CA ATH ath-2136
  • Collection
  • [1890s] - 2010

The collection consists of photographs of the RCMP boat "Athabasca" based in Ganges, B.C. Six Mile Stopping Place on the Athabasca River; SS Northland Echo; loading scows; aerial view of Athabasca [1970s]; newspaper photographs of James Harris Wood, William Rennison, Isaie Gagnon, Louis Fosseneuve, and Hon. Justice R. Boyle; men at a tie camp (Paul Berkey, Mr. Koster, Mr. Jameson, Eugene Sale, Ole Strome, Joe Laflamme); 1937-38 Athabasca Boy Scout troop (Ralph Noddings, Bill Calder, Ken Cocke, John Birks, Allen Fell, Fred Meadows, Bob Garton, Frank Falconer, Dale Nelson, Jim Service, Budge Jones, Frank Bergeron, Verne Lewis, -- Webb, Alec Bergeron, Donald King, Reg Bayliss); Half Moon Lake School, 1936 (Josie Kunbah, Josie Kordyban, Alexandra Smerychinski, Marian Kowalski, Katie Kordyban, Maria Kordyban, Rosy Dowhaniuk, Stephanie Kushak, Olga Komarniski, Antonnette Komarniski, Maggie Shapka, Annie Kushak, Helen Zayezierski, Josie Gerla); Revillon Brothers Store, farm implement-reaper and horses, Terence John Shank, Elmer Norman Shank, Demonstration Farm barns and house (Experimental Farm barns), Leon Soudet farm, view of Athabasca from Century Villa condominiums dated Sept. 28, 1996; 1985 Tourist Information Booth volunteers (Hazel Rein, Pearl Baker, May Webb, Steve Wasel, Joe Bortnick, Alice Donahue, Charlie Senz, Dot Evans, Laura Green, and Muriel Senz); Chris and Lyandra Elkjer; the Athabasca train station in Nov. 1912, team driver is James A. Minns who was killed during WWI. Four postcards have been added which include an aerial photo of the town, a view from the bridge of the town lights, a painting by Larry Zornes and local citizens forming the number 99 in 2010 as they look forward to the 100th anniversary in 2011. There are two postcards published by the Northern Transportation Company :whitefish from Lesser Slave Lake and a homestead on Lesser Slave Lake, a ferry at Athabasca Landing, and two photos of William and Wilhelmina (Becker) Koerner. Perryvale Central School 1947 - 49. Dog team below the bridge. View of Athabasca from the east, 1990. 95.24: Six photographs donated by Doug Kariel of the historic mail run from Athabasca to Edmonton in February, 1995 to commemorate Edmonton's Bicentennial in 1995; photos #13633-13638. 96.42: Two postcards donated by Keith Randon, Leicestershire, Eng. of Athabasca Victoria Day celebrations, May 25, 1914, of the Athabasca Town Band and a larger view of the celebrations on Litchfield Street (50th Avenue) including the new Grand Union Hotel; photo s #14183 and 14184. Photos 18664 and 18665 donated by Jody Howells which show her father and uncle threshing in Saskatchewan c.1910; 21.07, Ted Langton-Adams slides # 20496–20622; 21-11, Athabasca fire at old Home Hardware building August 11, 2021, images # 20623–20678. 13.27: Two binders of photographs of the Grosmont Community Club Garden Walk, 1998 and 2005; the images are not numbered.

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Athabasca Public School fonds

  • CA ATH ath-2033
  • Fonds
  • 1906-1984

The fonds consists of a 1950 copy of an Athabasca High School certificate; a poster for the 1951 musical and dance; 1952 graduation dance program; 1906 class photo including students:Charlie Gagnon, Alice and Stanley McKernan, Irene, Johnny and Sterling McKinley, Harry and Marion Minns, Auld Willey, T. Wood and Miss Easten; Class of 1920 and 1931; and a photo of the Brick School; two issues of student publication "The Gleaner," 1937 and 38 (92.06), Athabasca High School 1942 crest, a 1950 school program for the school's celebration of the 5th anniversary of the United Nations entitled "There Shall Be Peace," the program for the 1953 Variety Show; and a copy of "Whispers: Official Publication of the Athabasca High School," November 1953. In Jan.1976 a press release announced that the Athabasca Public School was designated as an Alberta Registered Historic Resource. There is a set of blueprints for the 1984 historic sites restoration.

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Edwin Parr High School fonds

  • CA ATH ath-2020
  • Fonds
  • 1953-2007

The fonds consists of the 1955 official opening program and Edmonton Journal article for Edwin Parr School; a 1955 article by Nick Evasiuk in the Alberta School Trustee magazine; 1950s graduation and school dance programs; student publications (23.03) "Whispers," 57-58, n/d, 60-61, "Dreams, Themes and Schemes," 58-59, "Junior Hi-Lites," 57-58; 1968 official opening of the south wing, a 1970 article on an Athabasca Preventive Social Services sponsored summer work program for high school students; some 1973-75, 1987, 1990 school newspapers; 1972 Education Week handouts including a staff list; 1974 and 1987-88 EPCHS handbook; the 1982 EPCCS charter; programs for EPCCS drama productions; 1982 Nature Science class certificate for donating a star at the Edmonton Space Sciences Foundation; a 1984 history of the schools in Athabasca and a 1987 Awards Night program. E.P.C. Expressions: Literary and Visual Arts Magazine, issues# 1-4 (Nov.05 to Jn.06) and issue#2 (April, 2007) were added. The nine photographs produced by art students Marianne Trebell, Brandi Robert and Sherry Young were sold at the "Sights and Sounds of the Season" in 1999. In 1980 a band exchange named TarTrek 80 took place between EPC and G.A.Wheable Secondary in London, ON. Trip information is included. William Jones was the EPC band director.

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Athabasca District Chamber of Commerce fonds

  • CA ATH ath-1945
  • Fonds
  • 1909-2009

The fonds consists of Athabasca Landing Board of Trade 1909 by-laws, membership list and membership card; Athabasca Board of Trade banquet menu for 1914; Athabasca District Chamber of Commerce minutes 1955-1962, 1977-1994; 1995, 1998, 1999, 2007-2009 annual meeting minutes; 1998 By-laws;[1951], 1995-2000, 2008 membership lists; correspondence; promotional pamphlets for 1909, 1912 (entitled "Gateway to the Great North Country"), 1913, 1990; 10 postcards; and 4 Athabasca dollars for 1983-1986; 1983 Logo Contest for Athabasca's 75th Anniversary Celebrations; 07.01, 1983 Riverboat Stage Project; 1986 Old Tyme Fiddling Extravaganza; membership on Alberta Industrial Development Board from 1962-68; sponsorship of the 1990-1993 Canadian Jobs Strategy: Severeley Employment Disadvantaged Project: Opening Doors; sponsorship of the 1994-1995 Canadian Jobs Strategy: Go Ahead Program and Tourist Facilities and Resources Enhancement Program, year 2000 tourism materials from the tourist booth in the caboose, and the 2008 Troop Recognition event. There are 2 copies of the Sept.21 2001 photo of citizens on the Town Common. Also included is a 1956-60, 1994, and 2005 Business Directory. The photographs include the 1992 Huron-Bruce Voyageurs, and photographs of town buildings. The artifacts include 6 metal dies used to create Athabasca Trade Dollars for the years 1978, 1979, 1981, 1982 and 1985.

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Robert William Tannas Photograph Series

The series consists of photographs taken at town events, theatre productions, library/archives events, Remembrance Day services, Agricultural Society parades, Meanook Biological Station (Dominion Observatory), Edwin Parr Composite Community School graduations (1988, 1989), Alberta Pacific Environmental Impact Assessment Review Board meetings (1989), and four scrapbooks of clippings about Athabasca. Bob took photographs of the town's 75th anniversary proceedings. In 2009 Bob took 76 photographs of buildings in the Town of Athabasca and of the demolition of the Athabasca Community Centre. 2010 photos include the inside of the former and the new Buy-Low Foods store, and the demolition of the former store. Further donations include photos of potter Alfred Messerli, 1985 remodeling of Edwin Parr Composite High School, Calling River telegraph station, Pelican Settlement in 1979, 1973 Boyle High School Boys Curling team win provincials, Remembrance Day 2003, and author Holly (Holt) Kennedy.

Medicine Hat School District No. 76 fonds

  • CA MED 453
  • Fonds
  • 1886-1996

Fonds consist of Administrative records including by-laws and rules for Medicine Hat School Board (1916), School Board minutes (1886-1988), minutes of the Committee of the Whole (1970-1988), annual reports (1913, 1992/1993), financial records including payroll, bank, cash and receipt books and journals (1914-1976); victory loan forms (1943/1944); public school banking system records (1911-1943); Elm Street School corporal punishment book (1935-1950), declaration of office, appointing William H. Turpin as Trustee (1911), [RESTRICTED ACCESS], Report of Proceedings of the Refresher Course for School Administrators (1947-1949), programme of studies for elementary schools (1940, 1949); events materials , consisting of mostly programs for Centennial Chautauqua (3), Banquet (3) (1986), and Appreciation Dinner (1987), , souvenir program and map of route for royal visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (1939), Graduation Exercises Alexandra High School Leaflet (1946), and a souvenir theatre production program (1928); Biorgraphis and histories including school district history from inception to 1972, by E. McKenzie (1972), biographical bound biographies of early educators of Medicine Hat (undated); bound collection of materials related to Charles Edgar Peasley, collected by Eileen Reiner (1983); Military service records including listing of former Alexandra High School students killed in action during World War II [after 1945], O.S. Alexandra High School Roll of Honor listing volunteers in World War I (ca. 1918); O.S. Roll of Honor for honors students (1927); O.S. Honor Rolls (2) (1932-1938, 1938); O.S. color prints (2) entitled "War in the Air" (1918), "Dressing Station in the Field, Arras" (1918); Yearbooks, souvenirs and calendars including Alexandra High School yearbook "En Evant" (1911-1913, 1918, 1922), Medicine Hat High School yearbooks (1968-1969, 1970-1971, 1972-1974, 1975-1985, 1986-1996; Extra-curricular activity records like track and field record holders for Alexandra High School (1954); O.S. Alpha Theta Sigma sorority list of members (4) (1930-1943); booklet entitled "Niblock Education Week Special" prepared by the students of Webster Niblock School (1984); records of physical plant including building specifications for an unnamed local school as drawn up by William T. Williams for MHSD #76 (possibly Elm Street or Connaught) (1911); and Scrapbooks and Photographs including an Alexandra High School scrapbook (1932-1943); photographs of schools, teachers and students in all settings; 1 scrapbook detailing how to teach kindergarten, compiled by E. Townsend [ca. 1945].

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Gainsboro Studio fonds

  • CA MED med-502
  • Fonds
  • 1908-1986

The fonds consists of: an extensive collection of individual portraiture, family and group sittings, wedding parties, commercial advertising for local businesses, as well as a random photographic record of community events, disasters etc. 4 audio cassettes with interviews giving oral histories of Gainsboro Studios (1986).

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IODE - Captain William Parker Chapter fonds

  • CA MED med-494
  • Fonds
  • 1947-1993

The fonds consists of administrative records including histories and constitution, local and provincial reports, memberships, and publications; provincial and local minutes (1947-1993); financial records including financial statements, receipt and disbursement books (1944-1992); correspondence regarding awards, scholarships, charitable donations, sponsorships, and with other levels or the organization (1962-1993), publications including newsletters, guidebooks, and brochures; ephemera; and a photo album of members, activities, sponsorships, and Captain William Parker (1955-1983).

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Stan Weiler fonds

  • CA MED med-487
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1939]-1998

Fonds consist of CHAT Television and Radio materials including sales correspondence for Old Dutch Kids Bid’s, television advertising sales campaign materials with photos, advertising for CHAT TV programming, annual statistics, “Year in Review” script, interview notes of Mayor Ted Grimm & Aldermen, hand written notes on murder trial, film cues & voice overs, Suffield experimental station press release, Teletype news reports for Apollo 11 moon landings, mideast truce, Vietnam war, typed daily news summary, citizen rights to essential services, and newspaper clippings; personal writings including Poem about City Hall face lift, and a lyrical essay on Medicine Hat Junior college; Programs, invitations, and brochures such as Redcliff industrial promotion brochure (1914); code of cooperation between physicians, heallth care professionals and the media, South Alberta Light Horse regiment program, various invitations and brochures, United Way campaigning brochure, and a Medicine Hat visitors guide brochure; photographic materials including 304 Photographs & negatives re: local people places and events; 224 slides of images from around Medicine Hat including people, events and scenery; audiovisual materials including audio recordings re: opening of Suffield experimental station, P.M. Diefenbaker at Medicine Hat College, Y.M.C.A. opening, Chamber of Commerce history, Orville Kope & Doug Burgess interview, 8 & 16 mm film reels re: Redcliff parade, S.A.L.H. parade, Tiger Talk program, Macdonald, Selma, & Henning, as well as transcription disks re: award winning Melody Maids & Male voice choir (1951-52) and an L.P. Record of “The Shandelles”.

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No. 34 Service Flying Training School (SFTS) fonds

  • CA MED med-165
  • Fonds
  • 1942-1994, predominant 1942-1944

The fonds consists of: framed O.S. crest (1944); correspondence to and from Mr. Walter King re: duties (1942-1944); correspondence to Mr. Walter King from Y.M.C.A. National War Services Committee (1942-1946); information about the Y.M.C.A. War Services Committee and Walter King's duties compiled by Dr. E. King-Shaw (1942-1945); programs (10) of various plays and revues performed on the base (1942-1944); dance invitations (5) (1943-1944); Christmas dinner menu (1942); New Year's Eve dinner menu (1943); programs (7) for record recitals held by the Medicine Hat Music Appreciation Group (1944); programs (21) of various plays presented at #34 SFTS by the Prairie Players, Mad Hatters and others including: "New School of Wives", "The Singapore Spider", "Distinguished Gathering", "The Mad Hatters Revue", " Spring Meeting", "Babes in the Wood", "Night Must Fall", "French Leave", "Lets Go!!", "A Murder Has Been Announced", "The Valiant", "Take it Easy" (2), "Hay Fever", "Dripstream", "B for Bertie", "Dickery Dickory Doc" (1943, 1944); logo entitled "Out West" (undated); history of No. 34 SFTS, by Ralph Palmer (undated); Minutes of the SFTS Association (1979); information and program of the first reunion of No. 34 SFTS (1979-1980); SFTS pass book ([ca. 1944]); research paper entitled "History Study of No. 34 Service Flying Training School" compiled by Mr. Gordon Elmer (1994); 3 aerial photographs over Medicine Hat taken by Rex Dawson (1943-1944). photos related to Frank Grier, and inspection by Prince George, Duke of Kent; photos related to everyday life at SFTS [1943?]; 15 copy negatives documenting everyday life (1941-1942); Black and HWite photograph of the No.34 Service Flying Training School, R.A.F. Medicine Hat, ALberta, Canada, Maintenance Wing (1941-1942).

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