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Future Plans: Peterson Papers Project, Museum Book Collection, Digitized Files

This file contains a written note dated 26 December 2020 regarding Tom Peterson's reflection on his research and a list of things to do when files are ordered with an addendum dated 11 January 2021 regarding his biographical history as well as an index of "Enlarged Photographs Columbia Trail Project," a written note regarding an index of maps including their time period and location, a written note "Hinton Historical Society Annual General Board Meeting Oct 26 2020" regarding a list of members present, The Hinton Voice newspaper article 24 September 2020 "Melvin embraces the 'beginning of new things'" by Masha Scheele regarding Joan Melvin's retirement, a written note dated 26 October to 5 December 2020 regarding notes on the 26 October Historical Society meeting/Joan Melvin and Madison Sharman's involvement in archiving Tom Peterson's collection and his decision to go ahead with what would become the Peterson Papers project, a written note "Questions for Joan + Maddy" dated 16 November 2020 regarding Peterson's decisions for his research papers and a timeline of important research documents 1962-2003 (3pgs), a written note "Regarding Periods of Time" dated 16 November 2020 regarding main areas of research that Peterson has and individuals who could lead future tours or continue additional research (2pgs), a written note "Questions for Joan" regarding Peterson's collection mainly consists of other people's research and photocopies of important documents as well as his main research period 1890-1912, a printed email from Joan Melvin to Linda Peterson dated 14 January 2021 regarding the completed Documentary Heritage Community Program grant application for the Peterson Papers, a photocopy of "The Peterson Papers - DHCP Grant Application - Project #2122-0124" (6pgs), a written note "Potential for Historical Research Prospects re Tom Peterson Files Books + Knowledge" dated 28 October 2020 regarding a list of contacts and plans for historical trips and transportation, a written note "Jasper Connection" dated 28 October 2020 regarding a list of research contacts, a printed document "Library" regarding a PastPerfect accession list of books donated to the Northern Rockies Museum by Tom Peterson printed 13 June 2018 (14pgs), a written note "Index for Returned R-Kive Boxes" date 17 May 2019 regarding topics/themes of Peterson's donated research collection. a written note dated 2018 regarding a list of books arranged by subject matter including their shelf locations and partial citations (39pgs), a written note "Index 15: Starter Reference Books" regarding a list of books including partial citations and their shelf location (2pgs), a document "Tom Peterson Files" by Deborah Fitzsimmons dated September 2013 regarding a detailed list of digitized documents on a DVD including lists of documents contained in each sub-folder/information about documents that were not digitized and information about Fizsimmons' connection to Peterson through Constance Peterson and George Camp (17pgs), a DVD "Tom Peterson's [digitized] research papers" dated September 2013 by Deborah Fitzsimmons regarding "disk 1 of 2" of Peterson's digitized files, a written note "Files digitized: Tom Peterson Files" dated 27 September 2013 regarding his decision to have Deborah Fitzsimmons digitize some of his files with an update dated 9 February 2016 regarding Fitzsimmons has not digitized any additional documents, and a written note dated 6 July 2013 regarding a list of what documents were lent to Fitzsimmons to digitize.

Family History Prairie Creek General Information: Groat, Moberly

This file contains a photocopy of History of Hinton by Hazel Hart including the copyright page and pg 29 regarding a map of "Settlements in Athabasca Valley," photocopied images from an unknown work regarding images of Ewan and John Moberly's homesteads, a photocopy of History of Hinton pgs 147-149 regarding the Groat family, a photocopy of History of Hinton pgs 31-33 regarding Jasper National Park, a written letter from Tom Peterson to the Hinton Historical Society dated 1 October 2017 regarding his research correspondence with Dawn Lawreence (Comeau) and her research into the Groat family including her business card, a Groat and Moberly family tree document by Dawn Lawreence including biographical information and a reference list photocopied images of the Ewan and John Moberly homesteads, a photocopy of Jasper-Robson: A Taste of Heaven by Don Beers including the cover and pgs 201-203 regarding "The First Settlers," a photocopy of History of Hinton pgs 50-51 regarding Henry Joachim, a photocopy of The Mountain Cache newsletter vol. 1 no. 4 December 1997 regarding the article "Smoky Tales: The Joachim Family," a photocoped document dated 21 August 1909 regarding information about Adam Joachim's homestead location/settlement/improvements and his dependants, photocopied images of Suzanne Karakonte Cardinal Moberly's grave from 1914/1998 and 1995 (2pgs), a photocopied document "Ewan Moberly Buildings" regarding images of the homestead and its buildings, a photocopied aerial image of the Moberly Flats as well as a photocopied image of John Moberly's homestead, a photocopied marriage certificate between Henry John Moberly and Suzanne Karakonti dated 9 October 1861 as well as a photocopied baptism certificate for Henry (Ewan/Avon) Moberly dated 28 August 1860, photocopied images of Ewan Moberly dated 1914, photocopied images of Ewan Moberly's homestead dated 1914, a photocopy of Legends of Grande Cache and the Yellowhead by Jack Deenik/Robert Guest and Richard Wuorinen including the cover and pgs 33/35/40-41/72-73/105/113-114 and 160-161, a photocopied marriage certificate between Thomas Anderson Groat and Clarisse Moberly dated 21 August 1911, a written note dated 10 November 2006 regarding biographical information for Madeleine Moberly neé Findley, a written note regarding the marriage certificate of Henry Ewan Moberly and Madeleine Paulette Finley/Henry Ewan Moberly's baptism certificate and Henry Moberly and Suzanne Karaconte's marriage certificate, a photograph of Mrs. Tom Groat [Clarice] in Brule dated late 1920s, a written note "Groat, Malcolm" dated 17 November 2013 regarding references to Malcolm Groat in Fortress North by Ella Jacoby Walker, a written note "Thomas Anderson Groat" regarding biographical information, a written note "Linda Countryman" dated 13 November 2003 regarding sharing research information, a written note "Linda Countryman" dated 13 November 2003 regarding copies of research/discuss progress and reproduce photographs before more people handle them, a written note dated 7 November 2003 regarding information to discuss, a written note dated 8 January 2004 regarding information to discuss/books to be returned and articles to share, a photocopied marriage certificate for Henry Ewan Moberly and Madeleine Paulette (Finley) dated 22 September 1880, a photocopied baptism certificate for Clarisse Moberly dated 27 September 1893, a photocopied image of Mrs. Ewan Moberly (Madeleine Finlay) and Fred Brewster, a written note regarding references about Malcolm Groat from a work by J.W. McLaggen, a photocopy of Henry Moberly and Suzanne Karaconti's marriage certificate dated 9 October 1861, The Mountain Cache newsletter vol. 23 no. 1 March 2019 regarding the article "The Groats" by Richard Wuorinen, a typed email from Peter Murphy to Richard Ouellet "Questions for Richard Ouellet about Moberly-related pages in A Hard Road to Travel for a possible revision" dated 30 March 2010 (2pgs), and a typed email from Richard Ouellet to Peter Murphy regarding his response and corrections.

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