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Viola Overholt reminiscences

Mrs. Viola Overholt discusses all aspects of her life in Athabasca from 1912 through to present day (1988.) Farming life, homesteading, social activities, businesses and residents of Athabasca are discussed at length. Topics touched on range from: the scarlet fever quarantine and rationing during World War II to flying saucers spotted locally in the 1960s.

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Town of Athabasca Sustainability Plan, 2010

In 2010, Municipal Planning Services (Alberta) Ltd. worked in collaboration with the Town of Athabasca to prepare a Town of Athabasca Sustainability Plan drafted by planner Jane Dauphinee, B.A., MPLAN. The file consists of the 46-page plan and letters, notices and a flowchart related to the plan.

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Canadian Northern Railway Train Station, Athabasca Feasibility Study

Feasibility study, correspondence, quotes, meeting notes and minutes, proposals and membership lists related to the question of what to do with the Canadian Northern Railway train station in Athabasca, Alberta after the Senior Citizens' Society completed their tenure of the building.

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Town of Athabasca: Athabasca General Municipal Plan

Athabasca General Municipal Plan commissioned by the Town of Athabasca from Joseph Skvairl Architects & Planners, 1981 in cooperation with the Steering Committee for the Preparation of the Athabasca General Municipal Plan and the Developers' Committee in the Town of Athabasca. The contents of the plan are: Introduction, Regional Settings, Economic Development Potential of the Athabasca Area, Land Use, Transportation, Municipal Engineering Services, Downtown Revitalization Plan, Strategy Planning for Capital Conversion Program, Policy Document, Public Participation in the Preparation of the General Municipal Plan, an Abstract of Soil Testing Report for Athabasca East Rea and Reference Material.

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Athabasca Landing Area Redevelopment Plan

The 1996 Town of Athabasca Area Redevelopment Plan introduces, cites goals and objectives, describes the planning process and framework, and the guidelines and implementation of redeveloping the Athabasca Landing historical riverfront. The plan also includes a budget.

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Athabasca Heritage Management Plan file

To fulfill one of the 2001 Athabasca Municipal Development Plan's goals, the preservation of historic resources, the Town of Athabasca completed a heritage survey in 2005 of 250 buildings built before 1964. A business, Heritage Collaboratives Inc., was hired to evaluate the survey and identify buildings deemed significant. The Athabasca Heritage Advisory Board, consisting of members of the community at large, was convened in March 2006 to work with Heritage Collaboratives Inc. to produce the Athabasca Heritage Management Plan.
The file consists of 3 CDs of photographs and the building survey catalogue and proof sheets produced between October 2004 and March 2005 by Hilary Tarrant. 09.52: Site form entries for each building completed by local volunteers. The company Heritage Collaboratives Inc. produced the Athabasca Municipal Heritage Inventory and the Athabasca Heritage Management Plan.

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Thomas and Helen McLean Photo Collection

  • CA ATH ath 17.05
  • Dossier
  • 1940s - 1950s

Photographs from the 1940s - 1950s of the Town of Athabasca and a fishing plane at Calling Lake, AB

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