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Wallace, Rod Dossier
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The Trail Through the Pembina Valley 1790-1912 by W.G.P. Allen and Henry House

This file contains a note dated 8 January 2007 regarding issues with the trustworthiness of W.G.P. Allen's article, pg 225-226 of the article "Marcel Dubois: The First Brigades," a photocopied typed article "Marcel Dubois: The First Brigades" by W.G.P. Allen labeled as pgs 88-99 including an additional page from a 1972 presentation (12pgs), a photocopy of The Trail Through the Pembina Valley by W.G.P. Allen including the cover/a 1972 addition and pgs 88-94 and 96-99, a printed email dated 12 December 1997 from Rod Wallace to James G. Oborne regarding the proposed archaeological investigation of Henry House, a research project proposal for this investigation, faxes from 14 April 1998 outlining donations received and that the project won't proceed this year, photocopied aerial photos of the proposed locations dated 1997, colour printed aerial photos of Henry House dated 1997, 4 photos dated 20 September 2000 of a Jasper Park Lodge archaelogical dig with notes regarding the dig, a laminated printed image of Henry House flats at the mouth of the Maligne River, a photocopied typed document "The Riddle of Henry House" by Michael Payne dated October 2002 (20pgs), a photocopied typed letter from Lex Miller to Nonie Jones dated 4 March 1967 regarding enclosed research with information about Henry House and individuals to contact for more information, and a photocopy of "Jasper House, Its History and the Henry House Controversy" by Lex Miller including the cover and title pages and pgs 1-36.

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Jasper House II and Devona Snake Indian River

This file contains a colour photograph "July 9/2005 Rocky River + Jasper Lake and Athabasca River," a photocopy of "Archaeological Investigations at the National Historic Site of Jasper House" Environment Canada Parks Service Report Series 475 by Rod Pickard and Heather D'Amour 1987 including pgs 10-13/138/160/162-164 and 330-331/336 and 338, a photocopy of an unknown "sketch plan of Jasper House" map with a timeline of Jasper House on the back, a photocopied aerial image (Air Photo AS 4687-049) of the Snake Indian Delta area dated "1997-09-01" and updated by Peter Murphy "2009-06-11," a written note dated 2 August 2010 regarding the aerial photo, a photocopied aerial image "Snake Indian River Floodplain" regarding the location of Jasper House and a prehistoric archaeological site, a photocopy of "The Site of Jasper House: An Historical Survey" Parks Canada Report Series 205 by Richard Stuart 1984 pgs i-v 1-29 31/33/35/37/39/41/43/45/47/49/51/53/55/57, a typed document "Jasper House National Historic Site Presentation Proposal" by Rod Wallace dated June 2004, an oversized photocopied map of the site of Jasper House regarding the location for an exhibit display about Jasper House, a photocopy of an unknown book pgs 32-33 regarding Jasper House, 8 colour photographs dated 22 August 2009 regarding the Jasper House plaque and trail, 5 colour photographs dated 2010 regarding the Jasper House viewpoint/Pocahontas and Roche Ronde, and a printed image of Jasper House dated 15 January 1872 by Charles Horetzky.

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