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Ina Dennekamp fonds Dossier
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Founding documents and history of "Women in Music"

  • CA pfla ID-ID-WIM-ID-WIM-01-ID-WIM-01.10
  • Dossier
  • 1991-1993
  • Fait partie de Ina Dennekamp fonds

File consists of "WIM: Society for Women in Music, A Brief History", a list of founding members, WIM's mission statement, a list of purposes/goals, a statement of WIM's activities, incorporation documents, and WIM's constitution.

"In-Her Works" concert performance by Artemis Trio : [recording]

  • CA pfla ID-ID-WIM-ID-WIM-02-ID-WIM-02.2
  • Dossier
  • 14 June 1993
  • Fait partie de Ina Dennekamp fonds

File consists of two 10 inch reel to reel tapes containing a performance from Artemis Trio and A.K. Coope, Includes performances of pieces by various Canadian composers: Elizabeth Raum, Anne-Katherine Coope, Melissa Hul, Nancy Telfer, Anita Sleeman, Ramona Luengen, Shulamit Ran, and Clara Schumann. The file also includes a programme and biographies of the composers.

WIM concert : [recording]

  • CA pfla ID-ID-WIM-ID-WIM-02-ID-WIM-02.4
  • Dossier
  • 28 June 1993
  • Fait partie de Ina Dennekamp fonds

File consists of one audio reel recording of a concert. It is labelled "Tape 1", no "Tape 2" available.

Violet Archer

File consists of copies of research materials (articles, etc), handwritten notes, pamphlets, and programmes relating to Archer's life and career.

Norma Beecroft

File consists of handwritten notes, a Curriculum Vitae, correspondence with Ina Dennekamp, copies of programmes, articles, and biographies, all relating to Beecroft's life and career.

Ginette Bertrand

File consists of a poster, music programmes, a press release, a transcription of an interview with Bertrand,and copies of articles all relating to Bertrand's life and career.

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