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Campbell family fonds Religion
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Laying the Hospital Cornerstone.

Village of Lake Saskatoon on the west shore of Saskatoon Lake. Empire Barns sign is visible on the roof of a barn.

Millarston Service.

  • CA GPR 0032-0032.08-0032.08.07-0032.08.07.031
  • Pièce
  • , August 9, 1936
  • Fait partie de Campbell family fonds

Group of people from the Millarston area gathered in a clearing in the trees for an open-air service.

Clairmont Choir.

Interior church photograph showing 16 members of the Clairmont Choir in choir gowns, with the organ in the centre.

Portrait of Hugh Pritchard.

Portrait of Hugh Pritchard, minister of St. Paul's United Church in Grande Prairie from 1949 to 1954.