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One Room Schools collection

  • Collection
  • 2009 - 2013

Since 1908, the area around Milo has been home to 14 one-room schools. School districts were established when a group of three or more ratepayers petitioned the Provincial Ministry of Education, and there generally had to be at least five eligible students within a 4-5 mile radius.

The first one-room schools in the area were established at Queenstown (April 1908) and Pioneer (June 1908), and they were quickly followed by Liberty (1909), Corbie Hill and Willard (1910), Lake McGregor (1912) and Eastway (1913). East Majorville was established in 1917 (though it didn’t open until 1920), then Giffen and Kirkdale (1918), Fawn Hill (1919), Rocky Buttes (1921), Sunny Lake (1922) and finally Robertson (1928). Enrollment at the schools ranged from five to twenty-five students, and occasionally if the numbers dropped too low, a school might close for a year until enrollment increased. Since many of the students travelled long distances each day, schools were often closed when the weather was bad, with the missed time being made up in the summer. Closures due to epidemics lasted anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Most schools offered grades 1-8, after which students who wanted to continue their education had to travel to – or board in – a larger community. In 1926 Queenstown School moved into town and became a two-room school, going through to grade 12.

Corbie Hill and Kirkdale were the first of the one-room schools to close, both in 1937, and in 1938 supervision of the remaining schools was taken over by Bow Valley School Division #43. Consolidation became the guiding principle, and by the end of World War II the only one-room school left in the Milo area was East Majorville, which closed in 1952. A van was used to transport the children from Pioneer, Liberty and Rocky Buttes School Districts into Milo.

The collection consists of Minute Books, Daily Registers, correspondence and Assessments and Tax Rolls from some of the one-room school districts in the Milo area.

The collection has been arranged into the following series: Bow Valley School Division #43, Liberty, Pioneer, Rocky Buttes.

Girl Guides of Canada - Alberta Council collection

  • CA EDM MS-461
  • Collection
  • 1981 - 1982

The collection consists of pamphlets and booklets relating to the formation of Scouts and Guides in Canada, with emphasis on Lord and Lady Baden-Powell, including:

  • graphic novel booklet: B.P's Life in Pictures - The Story of Baden-Powell;
  • pamphlet: The Life of Lord Baden Powell - A brief story of the Founder of the Boy Scout and Girl Guide Movements;
  • newspaper: Le Franco, with a special feature on Guides and Scouts in Alberta (sur le scoutisme et guidisme en Alberta), November 1982, vol. 17, no. 38 (2 copies);
  • pamphlet: Memorial Service - Olave, Lady Baden-Powell, 1889-1977
  • photocopy page of 2 images - Funeral service for Lord Baden-Powell in Kenya, 1941; memorial service held at grave of Lord Baden-Powell in Kenya, 1957;
  • booklet - Olave, Lady Baden-Powell, World Chief Guide, 1889-1977.
    The collection also includes a book ‘I Promise … A History of the Girl Guides in Alberta’ (369.463 GIR).

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Athabasca Heritage Days collection

  • CA ATH Ath 85.287
  • Collection
  • 1980

Three audio tapes recordings of local histories to commemorate Alberta's 75th anniversary.

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Alina Dabrowska collection

  • CA MRUASC C0010
  • Collection
  • [198-]-2016

Collection illustrates Dabrowska's work as an artist and was assembled by her friend Joanna Stuchly. The collection consists of prints and photographs of her artistic works, as well as brochures she designed, a resume, and media clippings.

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Edwin Parr Composite High School oral history collection

  • Collection
  • 1977, 1992

Four interviews were conducted in 1977 as part of a social studies project. Nine interviews were conducted in April,1992 by an English 20 class. Thirteen people were interviewed by eleven students regarding their arrival in Athabasca, their careers, their values and retirement. Interviewees include: Todd Richards, Hugo Carlson, Jettie Willey (Day), James (Jim) Appleby, Mary Donald (Miller), John Guay, Stefani Baldwin (Staszewski), Ted Matijohn, Annette Weinrich, Pearl Matijohn (Solomon), Anna Eherer (Kroneder), Nellie Onyschuk (Dac), and William Doerkson.

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Pearl and Brian Wilson collection

  • CA GPR 0686
  • Collection
  • 1950-2000

This fonds consists of business cards and postcards from the Grande Prairie area.

Postcards of Grande Prairie (aerial) in 1954, Courthouse, Vocational High School, Swan Motel, Grande Prairie Municipal Hospital, 1/2 Motel, City Hall, Richmond Ave view east from 102 Street, bird’s eye view of downtown ca. 1954. Approximately 325 business cards from ca. 1970-2000

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Banff Centre Poster collection

  • CA pfla pfla-2104
  • Collection
  • 1939-2018

Collection consists of promotional posters for Centre events and series.

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Banff Centre Publications collection

  • CA pfla pfla-2105
  • Collection
  • 1933-1999

Collection consists of yearbooks (1953-1960), newsletters (1971-1996), handbooks for staff, faculty, and participants (1972-1997), artist directories (1980-1997), literary and visual arts journals (Free-Fall 1974-1984; Banff Letters 1982-1986; Pieces 1984; Passages 1989-1992; On the Border 1990), and program calendars (1934-).

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Anonymous Donors collection

  • CA EDM MS-763
  • Collection
  • 1919 - 1947

The collection consists of photographs of buildings, street scenes and people of Edmonton.

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Mount Royal College photograph collection

  • CA MRUASC C0004
  • Collection
  • 1911-1969

Collection mostly consists of professional portraits of sports teams, classes, and clubs at Mount Royal College.

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