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Campbell family fonds Transportation Avec objets numériques
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Edson Trail Inspection Tour.

J. D. Robertson preparing rabbit stew for supper, with A.H. McQuarrie and James Cornwall to assist.

Edson Trail Inspection Tour.

Inspection party at Baptiste River (now Berland), from left: Jim Cornwall, Mrs. Emmerson and John Stocks holding child.

Smoky River Bridge Opening, Alberta.

Image shows a group of men, including two Indigenous men wearing regalia, at the opening of the Smoky River Bridge in 1949. The back of the photograph says "Note tom tom"

Trail to the Wapiti.

Wapiti Mines vehicle trail leading through the pines down to the Wapiti River.

Hauling coal up Wapiti Hill.

A six-horse team pulls a sled full of coal up Wapiti Hill, with the driver perched on top of the "caboose" at the front of the sled.

Edson Trail Inspection Tour.

Overnight camp on the east bank of Smoky River. From left: J.D. Robertson and Antoine Thomas; A.H. McQuarrie is second from right.

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