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Land, settlement and immigration*
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Montague Leyland Hornby fonds.

  • CA ACU SPC spec-2188
  • Fonds
  • 1909 - 1947.

Fonds consists of correspondence, chiefly with various government officials and politicians; and reports, speeches, immigration literature, pre-emption maps and newsclippings relating to British immigration to Canada.

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Grant MacEwan fonds

  • CA ACU SPC spec-2390
  • Fonds
  • 1893 - 2000, predominant 1960 - 1990.

Fonds consists of business and personal correspondence, research material, book manuscripts (most published between 1975 and 1990), appointment diaries, photographs and speeches. Also includes articles on G. MacEwan, book reviews, material honouring G. MacEwan and other miscellaneous material. Accession 891/12.8 includes various media that relate to the personal life of G. MacEwan: 2 photograph albums of 'Pioneer Agricultural Scenes' and 'Canadian Livestock'; 3 diaries kept by G. MacEwan, 1902-1931, 1931-1950, 1958-1966; 3 scrapbooks and 3 files containing research, notes and clippings relating to various issues of interest to MacEwan; the diary of Phyllis Cline, 1932-1953.

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Ernest William Bavin fonds

  • CA ATH 04.12
  • Fonds
  • 1910-1917

The fonds consists of 51 photographs taken by Ernest William Bavin, RNWMP, and others of Athabasca, the Athabasca River, Fort McKay, Fort Chipewyan, Lac La Biche, the Peace River, Grouard, Sawridge, Fort Vermilion, steamboats and Rev. Alfred Speechly White of the Anglican Church.

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William Myron Curtis fonds

  • CA ATH ATH-07.23, 08.12, 08.20
  • Fonds
  • 1922, 1947-1948, 1955-1959

The fonds consists of a 1922 letter from the Grosmont Municipal District regarding quarantine regulations for scarlet fever: two store receipt books for 1947-1948; and municipal tax receipts for 1955, 1956 and 1959. There are four calendars from local stores and the Aug.4, 2005 issue of Western Producers Western People which has an article on the Major family "100 Century Farm". Allan James tax receipt for 1927 is included.

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Athabasca Heritage Management Plan file

To fulfill one of the 2001 Athabasca Municipal Development Plan's goals, the preservation of historic resources, the Town of Athabasca completed a heritage survey in 2005 of 250 buildings built before 1964. A business, Heritage Collaboratives Inc., was hired to evaluate the survey and identify buildings deemed significant. The Athabasca Heritage Advisory Board, consisting of members of the community at large, was convened in March 2006 to work with Heritage Collaboratives Inc. to produce the Athabasca Heritage Management Plan.
The file consists of 3 CDs of photographs and the building survey catalogue and proof sheets produced between October 2004 and March 2005 by Hilary Tarrant. 09.52: Site form entries for each building completed by local volunteers. The company Heritage Collaboratives Inc. produced the Athabasca Municipal Heritage Inventory and the Athabasca Heritage Management Plan.

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Violet Kowalchuk fonds

  • CA ATH ATH-87.10
  • Fonds
  • 1976-1995

The fonds consists of a 1976 university assignment on the Richmond Park District, photographs relating to the Nov. 1994 launching of the history book "Reflections from North of the River", and photographs from the Feb. 1995 dog-sled postal run from Athabasca to Edmonton to commemorate Edmonton's bicentennial. There are also 9 photographs taken in 1992 of the Alberta Pacific Forest Industries mill site.

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Robert William Tannas Fonds

  • CA ATH Ath-2180
  • Fonds
  • 1912-2010

85.30: Cameron Shipyards. “The Yarn of the Howling Gale,” poem by W. B. Cameron circa 1938. FFC
87.04: Cassette tapes #43, George Ryga, “The Addict,” CBC with Peter Gzowski, April 11, 1986 and; #44, George Ryga, “Brandon Willie and the Great Event,” January 25, 1987. FFC
88.09: Four scrapbooks containing newspaper articles; Edmonton Journal and Athabasca Echo. Oversize
89.17: Video cassette #111, Grad 1988. FFC
91.16: Proclamation by Mayor Ole Hermanson (letter). FFC
91.18: Athabasca River – Athabasca to Ft. McMurray (report). FFC
91.19: Reply to Proclamation by County of Athabasca Reeve Berkley Ferguson (draft letter). FFC
88.48: Cassette tape #117, George Ryga, “Twelve Ravens.” FFC
90.36: House of Commons transcripts. Frank and Warren Evans. FFC
90.45: Four photocopies from Outing: Sport, Travel and Recreation, “A Woman in the Mackenzie Delta, Parts 1, 2 and 3” and “Homeward Bound,” by Elizabeth Taylor, October, November and December 1894, and January 1895. FFC
90.46: Four school texts; three poetries and one games. Reference Library #381 – 384, (I don’t know where these books are).
92.32: Five books, two papers Re: Dominion Experimental Farms. Box 6
92.42: Photo 11223, 1989 – 1992 Athabasca Town Council; History of School Districts. Albums and FFC
93.09: Program for the hockey game between Edmonton Oilers alumni and Athabasca Aces. FFC
93.11: Reprint of ATA Magazine, June 1920. FFC
93.13: Cassette tapes, 153 – 159, oral histories recorded by EPCCS students. FFC #1
96.05: “Pass the McMurray Salt, Please,” By Comfort, Darlene J. Reference Library #129
97.01: “The Great Reindeer Fiasco,” Western People, Western Producer, December 19, 1996. FFC
97.02: Factual Origin of Our Earth,” by Horochowsky, Teodor, translator Kamelchuk, Steve. #203, Reference Library
97.10: “The Trustee Voice,” June 1997: Athabasca Public Library 50th Anniversary. FFC
97.28: Athabasca High School certificate, ND. FFC
98.15: 1907 Senate Committee Proceedings Re: The Value of Western Lands. FFC
00.12: Up Here magazine article “Reindeer 1911.” Nov/Dec 1999. FFC
00.47: Opening new EPC wing, 1968. FFC
03.01: Chapter from a book on Jessie Rollings. Deaccessioned. See book #143, “With Unshakeable Persistence: Rural Teachers of the Depression Era,” by Elizabeth McLachlan
03.23: County of Athabasca #12 year-end statements 1981 – 1994. FFC
04.11: File 1: June 1952 Economic Survey Town of Athabasca. The Industrial Development Branch; Department of Economic Affairs
File 2: Athabasca Municipal Hospital ground floor and main floor plans, ND
File 3: Opal Otto poem, manuscripts, (ND) and articles, April 8, 1080
File 4: Baptiste Lake Preliminary Management Plan, November 29, 1993
File 5: Amber Valley Community Association “Rural Women in Focus,” 1975
File 6: Athabasca High School graduation programs 1954, 55, 57, 58 and 1970
County of Athabasca #12 / EPCHS 1974 “Planning Your Program”
“School in Athabasca” by Alice Donahue May 3, 1984
File 7: “Susan Blatt’s Athabasca,” Grade 10 Special Project manuscript c. 1980s. FFC
05.22: Athabasca Clay Products ashtray. #158 display in glass case in foyer
06.02: EPC “Expressions: A Literary and Visual Arts Magazine,” November 2005, January 2006. FFC
06.33: EPC “Expressions: A Literary and Visual Arts Magazine,” Issues 1 – 4. FFC
06.51: excerpt from the book “Tar on the Floats,” by Margaret McDougall which references Earl Wright, Milt McDougall and Art Schumacker. FFC
07.22: Athabasca River Basin Conference, June 1 – 3, 2007. FFC (backlog)
08.24: Three artifacts; Richards Lumber pencil, Northland Autobody aspirin, Bovril package. Display
08.35: Copy of CBC radio program “Alberta Mavericks,” July 2, 2008, Louis Fousseneuve. S & M (I don’t know where this is; not in A/V inventory)
09.09: Photocopy of Province of Alberta Register of Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths and Funerals, St. Gabriel’s Church. FFC (backlog)
10.42: TarTrek 80 band exchange between EPC (Athabasca, AB) and London, ON, 1980. FFC
10.48: History of the library and archives. FFC
10.54: Remodeling EPC 1985; nine maps and 105 photos (18839 – 18942). Map case, albums
14.24: One booklet and five slides. (I don’t know what these are or where they are).
14.43: Nanton Museum Lancaster Society. FFC
16.27: Athabasca River Transportation. FFC
20.01: Athabasca Pottery Discovery Day correspondence, budget, proofs. FFC
20.02: IMC Consulting Group report “Athabasca River Interpretive Centre.” FFC
22.04: “Athabasca and the World,” environmental verse by Nick Evasiuk; Athabasca University 11th Convocation, tribute to George Ryga; two LPs “Jewells for Your Dancing Pleasure,” and “EPC Concert Band;” Athabasca 75th Anniversary placements; miscellaneous Library Board Correspondence, Library building, financials and bylaws filed in FFC #12; five draft floor plans for Library and Archives in map case drawer #9; “Athabasca Landing: An Illustrated History (ALAIH) thank-you ad in ALAIH filing cabinet; Adolph Besmark unopened letter returned to Town of Athabasca Secretary-Treasurer dated Oct 22, 1914; Athabasca and District Senior Citizens Society agendas, minutes and financials from December 2009 to January 2017. FFC.
22.07: Athabasca County Library Board meetings 1996 – 2006. FFC.

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