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Moose Hunting

Most likely a "prop" photograph of a small child with hunting knife strapped around his waist, holding a rifle over a dead moose.

Horse Racing

Snapshot of a horse pulling a man in a cart on a road with fence and trees in the background.

Lea and John Hodgson With A Vehicle

Lea is sitting in a car, holding on to the steering wheel with John standing beside him. This could be possibly a new purchase.

Kinistino Train Station

A view from the train tracks of the Kinistino train station and grain elevator.

A Picnic

A group of young people out for a picnic, one girl is turned to the camera and has her arm back to throw something.

Man in Hockey Uniform

Full length studio portrait of man in hockey uniform and skates. Possibly Francis (Fran) Donald, son of Frank Donald.

Champion Ladies Curling Team

Portrait of Ladies Curling Team with trophies: Mrs. Pratt, Mrs. Journey, Mrs. Mantle, Mrs. Archibald.

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