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Provincial Archives of Alberta Alberta. Ministry of Human Resources and Employment
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Personnel Administration Office sous-fonds

  • PAA paa-6737
  • Fonds
  • 1936-1995, predominant 1968-1994

Sous-fonds consists of records created through the performance of the Personnel Administration Office's activities supporting the mandated functions of the Public Service Commissioner. These activities include;creating, maintaining and abolishing position classification schemes and pay schedules for both staff and management positions in the Alberta civil service,;administering classification appeals and grievance hearings,;representing the Government of Alberta in collective bargaining with unions representing civil servants,;performing research on private sector and civil service wage and non-wage compensation in other jurisdictions,;establishing policies and administering programs for non-wage compensation,;providing centralized human resources management services to departments in the Alberta government,;processing long-term disability claims for civil servants,;recruiting staff, managerial, and medical personnel,;liaison with the Public Service Management Pension Plan board,;liaison with the Public Service Pension Plan board,;administering occupational health and safety programs for civil servants, and;creating and administering staff and managerial training and development programs. The sous-fonds contains executive, administrative and operational records of the Public Service Commissioner's Office and the Staffing, Development and Health, Management Services, Employee Relations, Classification and Staffing Policy, Planning Services, Organizational Development, and Administrative Services divisions and Occupational Health and Safety Offices in Red Deer, Lethbridge and Edmonton. The sous-fonds is made up of correspondence, regulations, policy and procedures documents, manuals, records of hearings, briefing papers, appeal, classification, grievance, special placement program, and long-term disability case files, minutes and agendas of various boards and committees, position classifications, various lists, reports and statistics, survey response booklets, and maps. The records have been arranged into the following series. Abolished position records;Accident injury tracking system printouts;Administrative services executive records;Agency administrative records;Alberta Temporary Anti-Inflation Measures Board records;Bargaining unit exclusion records;Benefits survey records;Classification and staffing administrative records;Classification Appeal Board records;Collective bargaining records;Compensation research records;Department services administrative records;Employee relations administrative records;Employee relations department correspondence;Employee relations general operational records;Employee transaction records;Executive records;Grievance arbitration records;Information systems development records;Job classification records;Labour relations administrative records;Long-term disability insurance claim case files;Management services administrative records;Management services operational records;Master and divisional agreement negotiation records;Medical professionals recruitment records;Ministerial briefing papers;Occupational health and safety programs records;Pay equity operational records;Personnel regulations;Position review records;Pre-hearing grievance records;Public Service Grievance Board records;Public Service Management Pension Plan Board minutes;Public Service Pension Plan Board minutes and agendas;Salary review survey records;Salary survey booklets;Senior government personnel records;Special placement programs client case files;Staff development and health services records;Staff position classification records;Staff recruitment records;Temporary staff services program records

Alberta. Ministry of Human Resources and Employment

Labour Relations Board sous-fonds

  • PAA paa-6739
  • Fonds
  • 1931-1997, predominant 1940-1994

Consists of records created in the performance of the Board's mandated functions, including certifying bargaining agents, investigating complaints of unfair labour practices, revoking bargaining agent status, Board administration and management, reviewing labour legislation, declaring the legal status of strikes and lockouts, and maintaining information files about certified bargaining agents. The sous-fonds consists of a variety of case files, correspondence, forms, applications, submissions to hearings, board minutes and agendas, inspection reports, trade union bylaws and constitutions, and certificates. The records of the sous-fonds have been arranged into the following series. Administrative records;Board executive records;Board hearings records;Board meeting minutes and agendas;Certification, revocation, investigation and strike/lockout case files;General operational records;Labour relations executive records

Alberta. Ministry of Human Resources and Employment

Alberta. Ministry of Human Resources and Employment fonds

  • PAA paa-6743
  • Fonds
  • 1918-2001, predominant 1940-1995

Fonds consists of executive, administrative and operational records generated in the performance of the following functions: administration and provision of social allowance, income support and other public welfare programs; administration of federal pension programs; licensing and financial support of day care facilities; supervision of foster care homes; provision of vocational rehabilitation and other services for the handicapped; direction and support of services to the disabled provided by outside and other governmental agencies; investigation of fraudulent welfare claims; services to families, including maintenance enforcement and mediation; provision of guardianship to dependant adults; appeal panels for various service programs; program delivery through regional offices; financial management for the department; personnel management for the department; public relations; review and development of legislation relating to various department programs; building inspection; building standards development electrical safety; employment standards creation, administration and monitoring; fire prevention; fire and arson investigation; manpower training and development; mediation services; occupational health and safety programs; professional and occupational association registration; program planning and development; and union certification and administration of collective agreements. The fonds contains records of the Workers' Compensation Board, the Personnel Administration Office, and the Labour Relations Board. Information about the records of these subordinate agencies may be found in the respective sous-fonds descriptions. The Ministry of Human Resources and Employment fonds also contains records relating to child welfare programs. These records were retained by the Department of Family of Social Services and came into the custody of the Ministry of Human Resources and Employment before their transfer to the Provincial Archives. The fonds contains correspondence, reports and statistics, a wide variety of types of case files, reference material for the use of the Department's executive officers, collective agreements, daily record and registration books, minutes and agendas of various departmental and inter-governmental committees, manuals, proposals and applications, contracts, drafts of legislation and regulations, financial records, policy and procedures documents, certificates, briefing papers, directives, organization charts and publications. The records have been arranged into the following series. Appeals panels administrative and operational records;Appeals panels decision case files;Baker Centre administrative and operational records;Building inspection case files;Building standards administrative records;Building standards development records;Calgary fire and arson investigation case files;Camrose district approved adoption home records;Canada Assistance Plan administrative and operational records;Central records office reference material;Child welfare administrative and operational records;Child welfare and wardship registry cards;Child welfare placement administrative and operational records;Children in care nominal rolls;Client services administrative records;Client services executive records;Collective agreements;Collective bargaining administrative records;Collective bargaining authorizations;Day care and day home facilities records;Day care and foster care licensing records;Department and program financial records;Department executive records;Department general administrative records;Edmonton district general operational records;Edmonton fire and arson investigation case files;Electrical safety administrative and operational records;Electrical safety standards and codes;Employment standards administrative records;Employment standards operational records;Employment standards dispute resolution case files;Emergency social services administrative and operational records;Families council administrative and operational records;Family relations, mediation and maintenance case files;Family violence prevention programs operational records;Federal-provincial liaison records;Finance administrative records;Finance operational records;Fire prevention administrative records;Fire safety inspection records;Fraud investigation case files;Fraud investigation general operational records;Grande Cache region operational records;Heritage grant program operational records;High Prairie general operational records;Hinton district general operational records;Income support programs administrative and general operational records;Income support programs client case files;Industrial Wage Security Act case files;Information services administrative records;Labour mediation administrative records;Labour mediation case files;Legislative review and development records;Lethbridge district administrative and general operational records;Lethbridge district safety services administrative records;Lethbridge fire and arson investigation case files;Mediation services administrative records;Michener Centre daily record books;Ministerial records;Northeast region administrative and operational records;Northwest region operational records;Occupational health and safety administrative records;Occupational health and safety employer files;Occupational health and safety executive records;Occupational health and safety prosecution case files;Occupational health and safety site project records;Peace River Pulp Mill prosecution records;Peace River fire and arson investigation case files;Personnel administrative records;Personnel operational records;Planning and research general operational records;Planning and research project records;Professions and occupations administrative records;Professions and occupations operational records;Public Guardian client case files;Public relations records;Radiation safety records;Red Deer district administrative and operational records;Red Deer fire and arson investigation case files;Rocky Mountain House region general operational records;Services to the disabled administrative and operational records;Sherwood park region administrative and operational records;Sifton Children's Centre administrative and operational records;Social allowance programs administrative records;South region general operational records;Systems administrative records;Vocational rehabilitation committee records;Yellowhead Youth Centre administrative and general operational records;Youth assessment centres case files

Alberta. Ministry of Human Resources and Employment

Workers' Compensation Board sous-fonds

  • PAA paa-6738
  • Fonds
  • 1918-2001

Consist of records created by the Board's executive and administration in the performance of the its mandated functions, including claims processing and review, hearing appeals to compensation decisions, providing advisory services to claims appellants, employer assessment, executive management, investigation of fraudulent claims for compensation, medical assessments of disability and impairment, workplace injury reduction programs, and administrative support to the Board. The sous-fonds consists of a variety of types of case files, meeting minutes, correspondence and reports, records of appeal hearings, and financial records. The records of the sous-fonds have been arranged into the following series. Advisory services for appeals case files;Claims and adjudication general operational records;Claims review case files;Closed claimant case files;Complaints records;Corporate registry records;Employer assessment records;Executive Board minutes;Financial records;Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act administration records;Formal claims appeals hearing records;Legal action case files;Medical assessment records;Personnel records;Public relations records;Work Injury Reduction program records

Alberta. Ministry of Human Resources and Employment