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Indigenous peoples
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Occupation and exploration of Jasper National Park

These records cover the history of the occupation of what would become Jasper National Park, from the First Nations Shuswap and Metis peoples, the homesteader families (Moberly, Swift, etc.), and the first Park Wardens in Jasper.
This series contains newspaper articles, photocopies of books and journal articles, photographs, transcripts of documents, handwritten notes of commentary and research, an oral history interview on CD, and photographic slides.
This series consists of the following files:

  1. Shuswap First Nations people
  2. History of Rocky Mountain Cree Richard Wuorinen and other Metis history
  3. Grande Cache - Jasper Metis/First Nations Families: Cardinal, Karakonte, Wanyandie, McDonald, Moberly
  4. Family History Prairie Creek General Information: Groat, Moberly
  5. Jasper’s First Homesteaders: Census Data and General Information
  6. Moberly Family Pictures
  7. Ed Moberly
  8. Henry John Moberly
  9. Henry House Flats
  10. John "Harry" Moberly
  11. Adolphus Moberly
  12. William "Bill" Moberly
  13. Ewan Moberly
  14. Suzanne Cardinal Moberly
  15. Moberly Plante Cemetery
  16. Local Aboriginal Graveyards
  17. Margaret McKirdy's The Colour of Gold and Alex McCauley murder
  18. Louis Loyer
  19. Finlay family: Jacques Raphael "Jaco" Finlay, James Finlay Sr. and Jr., Deome Findlay, Rose and Dione Findlay
  20. Adam Joachim and Mount Joachim
  21. Felix Plante
  22. Swift diary notes re Corrections
  23. Swift’s Homestead Researching Henry House Flats
  24. Swift’s legal situation - 1910-1911 Ron Pelletier information collection
  25. Swift family Suzette Chalifoux
  26. Swift Homestead Parks Canada Re Palisades History
  27. Swiftholm
  28. Mary Schäffer: Athabasca Headwaters
  29. Park Warden J.M. Christie 1920
  30. Park Wardens Percy Goodair
  31. Park Warden Frank Burstrom
  32. George Camp: Park Warden Cabins on Whirlpool Trail
  33. Park Wardens Toni Klettl
  34. Park Wardens George McCready 1939
  35. Charlie Phillips - Chief Warden Family History
  36. Park Warden Frank Wells
  37. Warden Frank Sivick
  38. Wardens and Guides: Steve Kun, Berry, Leonard Jeck, Jeffrey, Doris Kensit, Otto Brothers, Clarence Wilkins, Alex Wylie, Fred Brewster, Dick Dickenson, George Fowlie, Mona and Agnes Harragin, Mark Truxler, Caroline Hinman, Bert White
  39. 1978 Alpine Club Camp Scott Glacier Hike
  40. Jasper High School Athabasca Hike
  41. 1994 Scott Glacier Hike & 1987 Middle Whirlpool Hike
  42. August 2002 Grande Cote Hike
  43. August 2002 Parks Canada Mt. Brown Climb
  44. B.C. Heritage Trail 2003 & Athabasca Pass 2003/2007 Explorations
  45. 4 July 2007 B.C. Parks Cutting Trail from Forestry Road & 2010 Athabasca Pass Exploration
  46. 1970 Jasper Park Naturalist Explore Athabasca Pass to Boat Encampment
  47. Jasper National Park and Boat Encampment research references
  48. BC Heritage Trail Reclaiming Trail 1990- BC Historical decisions + involvement in 2011 celebration
  49. 1960 We Climb The Pathless Pass R.M. Patterson
  50. 1937 Canadian Alpine Journal "Following the Footsteps of the Fur Traders" Cyril G Wates
  51. George Camp Hauling Miners 1935
  52. “The Mountains of the Whirlpool” and “Athabaska Pass and the Voyageurs”: The Glittering Mountains of Canada J. Monroe Thorington 1924
  53. Donald “Curly” Phillips
  54. A.P. Coleman
  55. Travelers in the Whirlpool River Valley + Beyond from 1858-2007
  56. Fort Colvile “A Botanist at Fort Colvile”
  57. Boat Encampment/Whirlpool Aerial Images
  58. Boat Encampment
  59. 2002 Jon Wilsgard Heritage Trail Description Wood River to Athabasca Pass
  60. Wood River - Walter Moberly diary - David Suttill
  61. Whirlpool Tie Camp Exploration with Peter Murphy and Friends
  62. Committee Punch Bowl Athabasca Pass
  63. Le Trou Peter Murphy Research Pictures
  64. Columbia Trail La Grande Traverse
  65. Jack Gregg and “Teton” Jackson
  66. James Shand-Harvey
  67. The Human History of Jasper National Park by Brenda Gainer
  68. Jasper National Park Internment Camps
  69. Columbia Icefield and Sunwapta Pass travels
  70. Jasper National Park: Tourism, Wildfires, and Biodiversity
  71. Castleguard Glacier
  72. Pocahontas and Miette Hot Springs
  73. Jasper Community in the 20th Century
  74. Project Habakkuk
  75. Constance Peterson fonds

Louison Fosseneuve family fonds

  • CA ATH ath-2167
  • Fonds
  • 1886-1985

The fonds consists of genealogical charts for Fosseneuve, Ladouceur and Auger families; scrip applications at Lac La Biche for Louison Fosseneuve (July 19, 1886); Fort McMurray Banner newspaper from May 28, 1965 with obituary of Joseph Shott; Canadian Geographical Journal, Feb, 1932 contains the article" Scow brigade on the Athabaska" by F.J.Alcock; the 1985 English 30 paper by Ben Heslop named "The untold legend of Captain Shot"; copies of newspaper articles including (Aug.24, 1899 Edmonton Bulletin), (March 26, 1914 Athabasca Times reprint of Emerson Hough's Saturday Evening Post article re: Running the Grand Rapids), (May 21, 1914 Athabasca Times and May 22, 1914 Northern News re: Fosseneuve's death); excerpts from 1908 and 1911 Oblate annals and four photographs of Louison, his son Joseph, and Joseph's family.
"A Tale of Two Brothers - Louison & Francois Fosseneuve: Descendants of Jean-Baptiste Fosseneuve," 2016

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Tom Radford fonds

  • PAA PR3736
  • Fonds
  • [193-?], 1969-2014

This material consists of textual and audiovisual records created over the course of Radford’s career, including material created under the Filmwest Associates, Great North Productions, Great Plains Productions, White Pine Pictures, and Clearwater Documentary labels.

    The material includes records related to completed projects such as Inuit Odyssey, Tar Sands, A Scattering of Seeds, The Power of Dreams, The End of Evolution, Ernest Brown: Pioneer Photographer (including audio reels of interviews with early Edmonton photographer Gladys Reeves), Hockey Night in Harlem, Ma Vlast, The Honour of the Crown, Arctic Dreamer, Great Lodges of the Canadian Rockies, The Great Divide, Road of Bones, Alberta Bound, Codebreakers, Roughing It: A Golfer’s Guide to the Universe, and Tipping Point.  These records include job files, production stills, scripts, camera tapes, and some masters.  There are also numerous records related to incomplete projects, unsolicited script submissions, and administrative records from Great North Communications, Clearwater Documentary, and Great Plains Productions.

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John Tobias Fonds

  • PAA PR3825
  • Fonds
  • 1964 - 2013

The fonds contains research papers, lecture notes, research notes taken for his dissertation, papers from Tobias’ teaching career at Red Deer College, court case files from his time as a subject matter advisor, high school memorabilia, and recordings of lectures and presentations.

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Pauline Dempsey fonds

  • GLEN glen-822
  • Fonds
  • 1960-2010

The fonds consists of correspondence, circulars, reports, and other papers related to her activities with these and other organizations: Calgary Indian Friendship Society (1970-1976), Calgary Native Friendship Society ((1983-1986), Indian Events Committee of the Calgary Stampede (1968-2010), Calumet Indian Club (1960-1963), Canadian Association of Indian and Eskimo Education (1969-1972), Indian Students' University Program (1972-1976), Project Go Ahead (1968-1971), Progressive Conservative Party (1966-1977), and the University of Calgary Senate (1973-1979).

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Gil Cardinal fonds

  • PAA PR3684
  • Fonds
  • 1954-2010

The fonds consists of records from Gil Cardinal’s independent and freelance projects; the film companies co-founded by Cardinal (Great Plains Productions, Kanata Productions, Strange Empire Productions); and his work for NFB, BBC, or other broadcasters.

The textual materials contain the complete business records of Great Plains Productions, creative records for specific projects (including scripts, notebooks, shot lists, story boards, and editing notes), administrative records for specific projects (including contracts, financial records, grant applications, and correspondence), developmental records related to unrealized projects, and personal records (including correspondence, speaking notes, speeches, and teaching material).

The films consist of home movies from Cardinal’s foster family (some of which were used as part of Foster Child); a tour of the Canadian Museum of Civilization with its architect, Douglas Cardinal; and release prints of Foster Child.

The videocassettes consist of original shooting tapes and completed masters of several projects. Most prominent among these are My Partners, My People, Our Home and Native Land, The Great Possibility, and David with F.A.S. There are also masters, but not shooting tapes, for several other projects including Big Bear, Chiefs (for both episodes directed by Cardinal), Totem, and others. Some of these masters are on DVD as well as videocassette.

The photographs, negatives, and slides consist of images shot by Cardinal during the course of filming, images of special events, and family photos.

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Fires of Spring film reel

  • PAA PR3761
  • Pièce
  • 1978, 2008

These records consist of a copy of Fires of Spring on 16mm film and a DVD copy of the same title. Fires of Spring is a 1978 documentary produced by the University of Alberta about the use of controlled fires for agricultural management. The film specifically focuses on the use of controlled fires by First Nations people in northern Alberta and features interviews with members of the Cree, Beaver, Dene, and Chipewyan nations regarding the traditional use of fire in land management. The film also features several University of Alberta faculty members discussing the importance of the practice.

Kirkness - Steinhauer - Testawich Family fonds

  • CA GPR 0660
  • Fonds
  • 1905-2007

The fonds consists of Kirkness family photographs and personal papers depicting their life and their impact on the development of the Edmonton and Peace River areas. Several of the personal documents belonged to Edith Heron.

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South Peace Regional Archives Film collection

  • CA GPR 0505
  • Collection
  • 1937-2006

The collection consists of amateur and professional film and video recordings relating to the history of the South Peace River Country of Alberta. These films and videos were donated by various donors to South Peace Regional Archives after it was established in 2000, and are not associated with a fonds. Recordings range in date from 1937-2006 and cover a range of subjects.

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Mary Belcourt Davis fonds

  • CA GPR 0179
  • Fonds
  • 1890-2005

The fonds consists of copies of 43 photographs of the Calliou, Belcourt and Ferguson families and their descendents, and one oral history interview with Vera Davis Miles, daughter of Mary Belcourt Davis, and Cindy Desrosiers, daughter of Evelyn Davis. The interview tells the story of Mary Belcourt and her mother Betsy Calliou.

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