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Schenk family fonds Railways
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Schenk family fonds

  • CA GPR 0256
  • Fonds
  • 1911-2000

The fonds consists of 51 cm of textual records, 115 photographs, 1 artwork by Robert Guest, and 9 forestry related maps. It includes: a series of photographs related to Jack Mantle showing early Grande Prairie and includes two photographs featuring soldiers from WW2; a series of correspondence from F.W. Schenk and photographs showing scenes from the Northern Alberta Railway (NAR) and various train accidents; a series of photographs, maps, employment records and daily journals from Dave Schenk during his career working for NAR and Alberta Forest Service; and a series of employment records from Melba Schenk during her time working as a weather observer for Alberta Forest Service.

The fonds has been arranged into the following series: Jack Mantle (1911-1940); F.W. Schenk (1917-1964); Dave Schenk (1924-2005); and Melba Schenk (1973-1977)

Schenk family

Locomotive #51

Francis Schenk at the wheel of N.A.R. Locomotive 51.

Train Disaster

Railway cars were lifted off their wheel bases and overturned in a "weird storm" that resembled a tornado at Rycroft, September 1, 1951.

Railway Snow Plow

Snow plow on the front of the Railway Engine clears the snow off the tracks.

Steam Locomotive

Steam Locomotive on the Northern Alberta Railway Line in the south Peace River Country of Alberta.

Last Trip of Engine #73

Engine #73 was purchased in 1927. In 1955 it made its last trip back to Edmonton with (left to right) Sam Jones, fireman; Francis Schenk, locomotive watchman; and Carl Gage, locomotive engineer.

Train Wreck

One of 3 images of a train Wreck on the N.A.R. line. Women and children passengers watch as railway workers assess the damages.

Last Steam Locomotive on the N.A.R.

Last Steam Locomotive leaving Northern Alberta Railways at Dawson Creek on May 14, 1960. From left to right, Engineer Neil Doherty, porter George Dalton, conductor Ed Chausse, locomotive foreman Francis Schenk, fireman W.S. "Slim" Wearmouth, trainman George Kopt, and Express messenger Nick Krawchuk.

Engine #51

Francis Schenk, Jr. is the fireman on Engine #51 with Lloyd Garrison as the engineer.

Train Wreck

One of 2 images. Disintegrating tracks caused by shifting ground caused many train wrecks.

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