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City of Calgary, OCO'88 Sports, recreation and leisure*
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XV Olympic Winter Games, Marketing Group fonds

  • CA ccg ccg-2064
  • Fonds
  • 1976-1988, predominant 1982-1988

The records of the Marketing Group are "multiple media" in nature, although they are predominantly textual which includes 10 programmes, 9 postcards, 3 newsletters, 1 bulletin and 1 musical score. The oversize material includes 160 plans (venue plans and site plans), three charts, two posters and one map. The Marketing Group records, particularly in the licencing series, also includes cultural historic items (or artifacts) such as product samples, graphics samples and souvenir samples. Wherever possible, smaller items/samples have been placed into acid-free enclosures and kept within the originating file. However, the larger, more awkward items (buttons, pins, etc.) have been separated out into their own file folders directly following the originating file. As in the case of oversize items, notes have been added to indicate when an item has been removed from the originating file. In all cases, cultural historic items have been noted in the file lists in the printed inventory. See the conservation note below for more information on the care of these records. Some files from the licencing Program (Series II in the printed inventory) have been restricted because they contained personal and/or company credit information. These records may be viewed with the permission of Archives management. Other documents, such as reports and correspondence, were originally designated as "confidential," but have not been restricted since the confidential nature of the material had relevance only during the active life of the Marketing Group. The Marketing Group records consist of over 21 linear meters of material, which have been arranged and described into ten series, with some of these series further divided into sub series. For more information regarding the XV Olympic Winter Games, Marketing Group scope/content information, please link to the City of Calgary Archives homepage and click on the "fonds level descriptions" link.

XV Olympic Winter Games, Marketing Group

XV Olympic Winter Games, Technology Group fonds

  • CA ccg ccg-2065
  • Fonds
  • 1977-1988, predominant 1981-1988

The City of Calgary Archives received approximately 11 meters of records from the Technology Group of OCO'88. These were from the two Divisions, namely the Systems Division and the Technical Services and Computing Systems Division. These records are predominately textual, but also consist of plans, blueprints, photo prints, a computer diskette and a cultural historic items (ID badge). Photo prints have been placed into appropriate archival enclosures and left in the file folders. Oversize material has been removed from original folders and placed into either oversize Hollinger boxes or map folders in map cabinets. The records have been arranged into 11 series. For more information regarding the XV Olympic Winter Games, Technology Group scope/content information, please link to the City of Calgary Archives homepage and click on the "fonds level descriptions" link.

City of Calgary, OCO'88

XV Olympic Winter Games, Communications Group fonds

  • CA ccg ccg-2080
  • Fonds
  • 1979-1988

The fonds consists of 23 series, each of which is introduced by an "Administrative History" section and a "Scope and Content" note. Lengthier narratives have been added at the series level, rather than in the "Administrative History" of the Communications Group above. In some cases, added "Notes" complete the Series Descriptions. Series I and II are the records of the Vice Presidents, Communications Group: Frances Jackson Dover and Jared Joynt. Series III to XI contain the records of the Public Relations Division. The records of the Media Division can be found in Series XII to XIV, with Culture Division records in Series XV to XXII. An artificial series of publications, cultural historic items and other ephemera concludes the Series Descriptions. The records of the Communications Group are "multiple media," but the vast majority of the material is textual. Photo prints have been enclosed in acid-free enclosures and remain with their original files; oversize material (blueprints and plans) have been removed from their original files and placed in appropriate oversize storage. Notes have been added to indicate where this has been done. Listings of all oversize material from each series have been placed at the end of the "File Listing" section for each Series. Videos, sound recordings, film and computer diskettes may also be found in some of the Series. No special conservation measures have been taken for these media at this time. The main conservation problem in these records was that of facsimile documents. All "faxed" documents have been photocopied for the purposes of preservation. Where possible, newspaper clippings have also been photocopied for preservation purposes.

XV Olympic Winter Games, Communications Group