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Railways from Hinton to Jasper

This file contains a photocopy of The Human History of Jasper National Park by Brenda Gainer pgs 86-101 regarding the chapter "The Railway Era" and pgs 195-197 regarding notes to the chapter, a written note "Human History of JNP - Gainer: Historical Significance The Railway Era" regarding references and comments on Gainer's chapter, a photocopy of "The Canadian National Railways From Hinton to Jasper, A Short History" by the Alberta Railway Museum including the history of railways in the area/a map of railway lines between Hinton and Jasper and historical images of the railway (8pgs), a photocopy of The Railway and Jasper National Park technical report by C.J. Taylor (24pgs), a written note dated 25 October 2001 regarding Tom Peterson's discussions regarding Jasper history with Mike Peterson at the Hinton train station, a written note "Lance Camp and Friends: Welcome to Hinton: The Gateway to the Rockies" dated 25 October 2001 regarding notes for an introduction to a railway presentation, written notes dated 19 February 2007 regarding closing remarks and information for Tom Peterson and Rick Bambrick to present (2pgs), a souvenir card regarding "Jasper Station Transfer, CN to Parks Canada" and the 9000 locomotive dated 27 October 2001, a photocopied Jasper Booster newspaper article "Jasper station gets heritage status" dated 23 February 1994, a Jasper Booster newspaper article "CN Station's exterior has changed little over the years" dated 6 April 1994, an oversized reproduction photograph "The Jasper Railroad Station, Jasper National Park, Alberta," a newspaper clipping "History at a Glance" regarding an image of Warden Frank Bryant at the Interlaken train station in Jasper, a written note "The Railway Jasper National Park 1907-2004 C.J. Taylor" regarding information about the Interlaken station between Jasper and Talbot Lake, a photocopied image "Interlaken, Jasper Park, Alberta," and a photocopy of The North American Alps: Canadian Rockies - Mount Robson Route including the cover/title page and an image of the GTP logo with a written note regarding a map of Jasper Park highlighting GTP routes (4pgs).

Gainer, Brenda

Athabasca Depot

This file contains a photocopy of The Human History of Jasper National Park by Brenda Gainer pgs 19-20/49/69-70 and 7, and a photocopy of Pack Saddles to Tete Jaune Cache by James G. MacGregor including the cover/map of Edmonton to Tete Jaune and pgs 44-55.

Gainer, Brenda

Archaeology and Indigenous History

This file contains a photocopied Edmonton Journal newspaper article "Scrub brush hid evidence of early man in foothills" dated 27 December 1982 as well as photocopied information about the Jasper-Yellowhead Museum's online collection Alberta Insight (2pgs), a photocopy of West Country Visitors' Guide 1999-2000 pg 52 regarding "Indian Trails Ranch" and its collection of Indigenous artifacts, photocopied maps of Alberta from an unknown work regarding "Forts and Posts between 1778 and 1874" and "Indian Tribes around 1785," a written note regarding an image of the Ewan Moberly homestead held by the Whyte Museum, The Mountain Cache newsletter vol. 5 no. 2 June 2001 regarding the articles "Solomon Caraconte - Field Trip" and "Spring 2001: Local Field Trip" by Richard Wuorinen that discuss First Nations families in Grande Cache, a printed webpage "John Moberly's Family Homestead" regarding information about the family and the homestead, a photocopied written note by Mark Truxler regarding Henry John Moberly, a typed photocopied document regarding extracts from "Description and Guide to Jasper Park" by M.P. Bridgland pgs 69-70 and the chapter "Swift and His Neighbours" from The Canadian Rockies: New and Old Trails by A.P. Coleman pgs 275-279 regarding Lewis Swift (3pgs), a photocopy of The New Garden of Canada: By Pack-Horse and Canoe Through Undeveloped British Columbia by F.A. Talbot regarding the chapter "Swift, the Frontiersman, and his Famous Ranch" pgs 84-91, a photocopied map "Historic sites of Jasper National Park" from The Human History of Jasper National Park by Brenda Gainer pg 237, and a book Aboriginal Cultures in Alberta: Five Hundred Generations by Susan Berry and Jack Brink.

Wuorinen, Richard

Coal Mining in Alberta: Coal Branch

This file contains a typed document "Coal in Jasper National Park" regarding extracts from an unknown document about the Brule/Pocahontas and Bedson mines including two maps showing "Coal Mines in Jasper National Park (prior to 1930)" and "Jasper Park Colleries Mining Leases" as well as a typed extract by "MacKay" regarding six coal seams in Jasper (3pgs), a booklet "Uniting to Change the World The Alberta Federation of Labour, 1912 – 2012: A Century of Struggle and Solidarity" by Jim Selby and Winston Gereluk regarding the history of mining unions in Alberta, a booklet "100 Years of Struggle 100 Years of Solidarity The Alberta Federation of Labour, 1912 -- 2012" regarding Alberta Labour events in 2012, a "Commemorative Tour Map of the Rocky Mountain Branch of the Canadian Institute of Mining" by the Canadian Institute of Mining Metallurgy and Petroleum dated 1998, a Gregg River Mine information booklet, a photocopied document with maps and information regarding the Alberta Coal Branch (5pgs), a Hinton Parklander newspaper souvenir section Luscar Comeback dated 8 July 1970 (pgs 1-16), The Hinton Voice newspaper article "Coalspur forum draws curious crowd" by Tyler Waugh dated 2 December 2010, The Hinton Voice newspaper article "Survey unearths Hinton's mine history" by Tyler Waugh, The Hinton Voice newspaper article "Stories from the Coal Branch" by Marilyn Campbell dated 26 November 2009, The Hinton Voice newspaper article "An old-time Christmas in the Coal Branch" by Marilyn Campbell dated 23 December 2009, The Hinton Voice newspaper article "More stores from the Coal Branch" by Marilyn Campbell dated 21 January 2010, The Hinton Voice newspaper article "Mines of the Hinton area" by Cindy LeClercq and Lorraine MacKay dated 4 March 2010, The Hinton Voice newspaper article "Reflections on growing up in Cadomin" by Marilyn Campbell dated 10 June 2010, a photocopy of Exploring the Historic Coal Branch: A Guide to Jasper's Front Ranges by Daniel Kyba and Jane Ross including the cover/copyright and table of contents and pg 46 regarding Frank "Black Frank" Knezevich and his trapping in the Coal Branch, a photocopy of I Heard My Mother Call:Yes! I Heard My Mother Call, Memories of Cadomin by John A. Smith including the cover/author information and two unnumbered pages regarding hunting/outfitters and the Brazeau ranger station, a photocopy of Mountain Park Memories by Mary Lee Salzsauler and Joan P. Talbot Wegert including the cover/author information and pgs 444/569/582 and 590 regarding the history of Mountain Park and images of trapping and hunting, a photocopied brochure "Hinton Collieries Mine Disaster March 30, 1938" by the Hinton & District Historical Foundation, a photocopy of The Human History of Jasper National Park by Brenda Gainer pgs 133-134 regarding quarrying in the Jasper area, a photocopy of Geology of the Foothills Belt Between McLeod and Athabaska Rivers, Alberta by Ralph L. Rutherford including the cover and pgs 21 and 25 regarding the geology and coal formations of the area, and a photocopy of Hinton A History by Hazel Hart pgs 287-288 regarding former Folding Mountain coal workers,

Selby, Jim, and Gereluk, Winston