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Hallam, Robert Cecil (R.C.), 1929-2012 File
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Thomas Drummond: Sketch of a Journey to the Rocky Mountains and to the Columbia River

This file contains a photocopied written note dated 26 January 2010 regarding the contents of the folder, a photocopy of Botanical Miscellany vol. 1 1830 edited by William Jackson Hooker including pgs 92-94 regarding the article "Flora of the British Possessions in North America" and pgs 178-219 regarding the article "Sketch of a Journey to the Rocky Mountains and to the Columbia River" by Thomas Drummond, a photocopied typed letter from Ian MacLaren to Bob Hallam dated 10 February 1998 regarding sharing reference works and discussion of Hallam's tentative identification of the lake Drummond refers to, a typed document "Was Drummond[']s La-la-Pierre To-Days [sic] A La Peche Lake?" by R.C. Hallam regarding quotations from Drummond's "Sketch of a Journey" and discussion about the possible location of the lake (2pgs), a photocopied topographical map regarding À la Pêche Lake, photocopied images of À la Pêche Lake dated 20 October 1997 (3pgs), a photocopied photograph dated 20 October 1997 of Lac-la-Pierre as well as a photocopied image of Thomas Drummond, a photocopied written note dated 26 January 2010 regarding Tom Peterson's research relationship with Rene Belland and Belland's research into Thomas Drummond as well as individuals who could assist with research (2pgs), a photocopied written note regarding references to Thomas Drummond in 2000 Place Names of Alberta by Eric J. Holmgreen and Handbook of the Canadian Rockies by Ben Gadd, a photocopied written note dated 2 December 2006 regarding Tom Peterson's research relationship with John Griffiths and his interest in Thomas Drummond, The Mountain Cache newsletter vol. 18 no. 1 March 2014 regarding the article "Smoky Tales: Trip to A La Peche" by Richard Wuorinen, and The Mountain Cache newsletter.vol. 17 no. 3 September 2013 regarding the article "Thomas Drummond: The Botanist Explorer" by Richard Wuorinen.

Hooker, William Jackson, Sir, 1785-1865

Pierre Grey

This file contains a typed letter from Doug R. Babcock from the Alberta Historical Sites Service to R.C. Hallam dated 4 November 1980 regarding an enclosed document, a typed document "Pierre Grey Post" regarding the history and archaeology of the site (6pgs), a photocopied image of Peter Gris and his wife, and a photocopy of Pack Saddles to Tête Jaune Cache by J.G. MacGregor including the title page and pgs 48-49/60-65/74-75/98-99 and 170-171 with notes by R.C. Hallam throughout.

MacGregor, James Grierson, 1905-1989

Yellowhead History general documents

This file contains a typed document "Historic Sites" by R.C. Hallam regarding importal locations in Yellowhead County (6pgs), a typed document "Documented Travellers who used the Athabasca Pass in the 19th Century" regarding information about various travellers through the area from pre-1811 to 1853 (10pgs), and a bound book "A History of the Yellowhead Corridor" by Ms. Thomas at Harry Collinge High School regarding photocopied documents and information including discussion questions (80pgs).

Hallam, Robert Cecil (R.C.), 1929-2012