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City of Edmonton. Commissioners fonds
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City Clerks and Administrative Records

This series consists of records related to the City Clerk’s Office. The City Clerk’s Office is the one most directly concerned with providing service to the Mayor and City Council and until 1972 the City Commissioners. They collect (and in most cases create) Councils’ minutes, correspondence and action files. This office is responsible for preparing materials for councilors’ and the Mayor’s scrutiny before it goes to the Council chambers for debate and voting. Included in these are materials relating to bylaws and regulations for the City of Edmonton, elections preparations and results, census papers and reports, as well as records created by the City’s commissioners, departments and committees such as correspondence, reports, policies, recommendations and action requests. The administrative records of the City’s government include a number of services which are shared between other departments through a centralized office within the Commissioners’ and later the City Manager’s office. This series contains the following sub-series:

– 1.1 Bylaws and Licenses
– 1.2 Elections and Census
– 1.3 Shared Management Services
– 1.4 Mayor / Council Inquiries & Correspondence
– 1.5 Departmental Reports / Policies
– 1.6 Personnel / City Employees
– 1.7 Advisory and Standing Committees

City of Edmonton. Commissioners fonds

  • CA EDM RG-11
  • Fonds
  • 1906-1983

This fonds consists of materials which were collected and created by the City’s Commissioners through their function of overseeing all aspects of City administration. The fonds includes correspondence with City staff, provincial and federal representatives, other municipalities, corporations, community groups and the general public. It also contains reports and financial records relating to various departments, memoranda, committee minutes, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, photos, maps, plans, and artwork.

An order has been imposed on the material.

City of Edmonton. Commissioners

Community Services

This series of records is related to the Commissioners’ role of overseeing services for the citizens of Edmonton, from recreation and parks to relief during hard times. This series of records consists of those service branches dealing directly with the day to day needs of Edmontonians. This series contains the following sub-series:

– 7.1 Parks
– 7.2 Recreation Facilities
– 7.3 Health and Emergency Services
– 7.4 Welfare

Development and Planning

This series of records is related to the Commissioners’ role of overseeing all issues of land ownership within the City’s limits. Residential and industrial development had to be managed and eventually planned for. Standards were required for buildings and construction and the resulting enforcement duties. This series contains the following sub-series:

– 3.1 Land
– 3.2 Zoning
– 3.3 Architects and Inspections
– 3.4 Economic Development


This series of records is related to the Commissioners’ role of overseeing the work of the Engineering Department which included such tasks as roadway and sidewalk construction, coordination and construction on city properties, railway spur lines and subdivision planning.

External Organizations

There are a number of organizations whose work relates to the areas overseen by the Commissioners or which the Commissioners maintained membership in as part of doing business for the City. The records in this series relate to such organizations, including but not limited to, the Alberta’s Urban Municipalities Association, the Edmonton Public School Board, the Separate School Board of Edmonton, and the Edmonton Public Library Board.


This series of records is related to the Commissioners’ roll of overseeing the financial affairs of the City. Financial matters include taxation and assessment, guarantee deposits for tenders, budgets and estimates, all records relating to accounting (except payroll – see series1 sub-series 6) and investments, including debentures, loans and the sinking fund. This series contains the following sub-series:

– 2.1 Taxation and Assessment
– 2.2 Budgets and Estimates
– 2.3 Investments


This series of records is related to the Commissioners’ role of overseeing all issues of public transportation and mass transportation within the City’s limits. The Commissioners were very involved in many issues and projects related to planning and implementing transportation corridors, for Railways, Industrial, and Commercial uses as well as private vehicles. They were also responsible for the public transportation system within, and air traffic into the City. This series contains the following sub-series:

– 4.1 Airport(s)
– 4.2 Public Transit


This series of records is related to the Commissioners’ role of overseeing the City’s utilities. For many years the City operated most of the utilities services within the City. Eventually, many of these were sold off into private ownership or at least arm’s length governing bodies. This series contains the following sub-series:

– 6.1 Telephones
– 6.2 Power / Light
– 6.3 Water and Sanitation
– 6.4 Natural Resources / Fuels


During the two World Wars the Commissioners took on a variety of duties relating to providing services to Edmontonians, serving as liaison for the delivery of Federal initiatives and monitoring threats to civilians and the nation. Some post-war activities also generated the records found in this Series. Subjects included are air raid precautions, civil defense, military matters, rationing, immigration / deportation and subversive activities as well as the construction of the Cenotaph and Memorial Hall.