City of Calgary. Board of Commissioners

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City of Calgary. Board of Commissioners

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The Board of Commissioners is the highest administrative body in the Corporation of the City of Calgary. Since its establishment by Council appointment in 1905 and through its various manifestations, its role has been and continues to be ensuring the effective administration of The City. Before the Board of Commissioners was created, City Council had exclusive jurisdiction on all matters pertaining to The City, both legislative and administrative, generally carried out through committees reporting to Council. It soon became obvious that with expanding civic departments, a structure for coordination and control was necessary. While the first Board and its interim successor were both created by-law, an amendment to the Calgary Charter of 1908 divided certain legislative and executive duties of Council, giving most of the latter to the Commissioners. The first Board of Commissioners was appointed by Council in 1905, to assume office in January 1906. After a brief trial period, this Board was found to be unsatisfactory and disbanded. In 1907, Council petitioned the Provincial Legislature for the power to elect a Board of Commissioners. While awaiting the Legislature's decision on their petition, Council appointed an interim Commission for 1908. A special plebiscite was held in 1907 to select two candidates for appointment to the new Board. For more information regarding the City of Calgary, Board of Commissioners administrative history, please link to the City of Calgary Archives homepage and click on the "fonds level descriptions" link.


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